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Aerial Photography and


Aerial photography and videography add unique perspectives to almost every event, occasion or situation creating dramatic and unforgettable imagery.   See our Galleries page or our YouTube channel for further examples of our work. 

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Key to any successful drone operation, be that for leisure or commercial gain, is a competent and safe pilot.  We offer bespoke training with a qualified flying instructor in a secure environment which promotes learning and confidence.  You can use your own drone or we will provide one of our aircraft.  These sessions, which can be booked as a course or a "one-off taster", are on a one-to-one basis and include both theory and practical elements.  Please call on 07380808999 or email to make a booking.  Prices start at £50 per hour.  


Operating a drone successfully not only requires skills as a pilot, but also a clear understanding of rules and regulations and how these can be interpreted and used to ensure you can operate your drone in the most effective - and safe - way.  We offer consultancy and assistance on all aspects of Operational Authorisations, Risk Assessments, Reduced Separation, Swarming, EVLOS and BVLOS and many other areas.  Simply get in touch to discuss requirements.   

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Thermography, (also Infra-Red Thermography or Thermal Imaging) involves the use of specialist cameras to capture "radiation" in the "infra-red range" of the "electro-magnetic spectrum".  

We are one of the few drone companies who hold both a PCN Qualification in Thermography and an OA from the CAA and so we are exceptionally well-placed to offer not only consultancy in this burgeoning field, but also the skills to capture infra-red imagery for analysis. 

Photogrammetry & 

Aerial Survey

Photogrammetry is a major area where the ubiquity of drones creates a major advantage, especially in terms of time and thus costs to a customer.  Effectively taking 2-D imagery and, with the use of specialist software, not only for flying the mission but also for interpreting the imagery, 3-D images can be created and analysed.  We have extensive experience in this ever-growing and dynamic arena.  Call us to find out more. 

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