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In addition to aerial photography and videography, I also ensure I carry my trusty Nikon with me when on my travels.  


In the case of Myanmar (formerly Burma), my camera has had many outings as I have been lucky enough to live and work in this fascinating and enthralling country.  Other than expressing my sadness, I make no comment on the current situation, but in my experience, the people of this amazing corner of Asia are kind, generous and welcoming.  I have included another portfolio of photos of these wonderful people, but on this page please enjoy some of the sights of this incredible nation. 

Hovering over each photo shows a description, but if you click on a photo, it will open in full and you can then run a slide show of all of the photos.


If I can be of any assistance on your own photographic odyssey, or would like some photographic advice, instruction or consultancy. please do give me a call.  

Background Photo - Schwedagon Pagoda, Yangon

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