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Faces of Myanmar

In addition to aerial photography and videography, I also ensure I carry my faithful and now somewhat battered Nikon with me when on my travels,  


In the case of Myanmar (formerly Burma), my camera has had many outings as I have been lucky enough to live and work in this fascinating and enthralling country.  Please visit my Sights of Burma page. 


Whilst the sights and sounds of this country are incredible, I also find the people of this amazing corner of Asia to be kind, generous and welcoming.  This page showcases those people.  I thank them all for allowing me the privilege of recording their images for posterity.

Hovering over each photo will eventually show a description, but if you click on a photo, it will open in full and you can then run a slide show.  Please bear with me as this element still under construction.  


If I can be of any assistance on your own photographic odyssey, or would like some photographic advice, instruction or consultancy. please do give me a call.  

Background Photo - World Heritage Site, the Stupas of Bagan

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