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Flying Training

Key to any successful drone operation, be that for leisure or commercial gain, is a competent and safe pilot.  We offer bespoke training with a qualified flying instructor in a secure environment which promotes learning and confidence.  You can use your own drone or we will provide one of our aircraft.  These sessions, which can be booked as a course or a "one-off taster", are on a one-to-one basis and include both theory and practical elements.  Please call on 07380808999 or email to make a booking.  Prices start at £50 per hour. 

Our Training Partner

On 31 Dec 20, the UK Civil Aviation Authorty (CAA) issued the 2020 Amendment to the Air Navigation Order. This resulted in wholesale changes to the regulations governing operations of drones within the UK and also Europe.
EDIAM has established a unique partnership with one of the UK's market leaders in Drone Training who, as Recognised Assessment Entities (RAE), is fully endorsed by the CAA to deliver the necessary courses which enable drone pilots to qualify for the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2CofC*) and the General Visual Line of Sight (GVC*) certificates.  

* - Hyperlink will take you to the CAA website which defines this qualification. 


Supported; Virtual; Accessible 

These are the 3 pillars of the CAA Accredited Drone Training offered by the award-winning AV8 Group and Flight School.  

Click on this link to go direct to the AV8 Group website and explore their training and resources.  

Also, new to the AV8 Group offering is 

AV8 Crew Membership

which is a unique way of getting all the resources you need to fly drones from training, thru insurance, virtual maps and much more.  Click the link above to join now.